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The Spectrum of Health with Dr. Christine Schaffner

Jan 26, 2022

With more and more people seeking natural or holistic alternatives when it comes to their food, products, and healthcare, it’s no wonder that holistic dentistry is on the rise as well.

In today’s Episode Doctor Christine Schaffner talks with Dr. Rachaele Carver Morin, D.M.D. about dentistry with a naturopathic and biologic whole-body approach. Dr. Carver helps us understand what holistic dentistry is, and the steps we can take to prevent dental issues in a natural, holistic way.

Dr. Rachaele Carver Morin grew up in Williamstown and graduated from Mt. Greylock Regional High School in 1995. After her BS from Davidson College in 1999, she continued to UCONN School of Dental Medicine where she received her doctorate in 2003. She is a Dawson Academy Scholar, having done two years of additional training to become more proficient in TMJ diagnosis, treatment, and complex esthetic and functional cases. She is certified in ozone therapy and in January 2020 received her board certification in Naturopathic and Biologic Dentistry.


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