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The Spectrum of Health with Dr. Christine Schaffner

Mar 23, 2023

In this mini-episode, Dr. Christine dives into the fascinating world of hydration and how it affects our body's physiology, discussing the concept of structured water and its role in our well-being. She also explores the importance of fascia, made up of structured water, in holding memory and emotions and how...

Mar 16, 2023

On this mini-episode of the Spectrum of Health podcast, Dr. Christine explores the benefits of Extracorporeal Blood Oxygenation and Ozonation (EBOO)Therapy. She shares her experience with the treatment and how she has seen it help people with chronic fatigue, post-infectious and persistent infectious syndromes. 


Mar 9, 2023

While Dr. Christine is on vacation this week, we are sharing one of her favorite talks from the 2022 Bioenergetics Summit with Dr. Greg Eckel. 


In today’s episode, Dr. Christine shares her discussion with Dr. Greg about exploring how our physical bodies are surrounded by a biofield composed of electromagnetic...

Mar 2, 2023

Today’s Spectrum of Health podcast episode is short but packed full of pearls straight from Dr. Christine!  She talks about healthy blood flow and takes a deep dive into the factors that can impact healthy blood flow, such as EMF, modern-day toxicity, and spike proteins. Dr. Christine also shares some tools and...