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The Spectrum of Health with Dr. Christine Schaffner

Aug 31, 2023

In this episode, Dr. Peter Martone joins host Christine Schaffner to discuss the crucial relationship between sleep positions and overall health. Dr. Martone explains how proper sleep positions can positively affect the structure of the spine, vagus nerve function, and overall well-being. He introduces the concept of...

Aug 10, 2023

Get ready to illuminate your understanding of bio-photons and their profound influence on our health as we journey into the fascinating world of light. Dr. Christine Schaffner will help unravel how humans are essentially beings of light.


We'll delve into the incredible research of Dr. Fritz Albert Papp and...

Aug 3, 2023

The world around us is brimming with uncertainty and challenges. But amidst these, there are ways not just to survive but thrive. And who better to guide us on this journey than Dr. Jill Carnahan, whose life story is a testament to resilience and personal growth? 


She joins Dr. Christine for a profoundly moving...