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The Spectrum of Health with Dr. Christine Schaffner

Apr 15, 2021

Our stem cells serve a unique purpose and persist throughout life.  They replace cells lost to homeostatic turnover, injury, and disease. However, their functions decline with age which contributes to degeneration and dysfunction. Imagine if we could activate those cells to regenerate new cells and utilize them to support our health and wellness at any age.  

Dr. Christine Schaffner sits down with David Schmidt, inventor, and founder of LifeWave,  to discuss stem cell research using LightWave technology and how light therapy can be used to regenerate stem cells.

David Schmidt is the inventor of LifeWave technology and founder and CEO of LifeWave. The LifeWave Technology was born out of three years of intense research by David into the concept of being able to naturally increase energy and stamina through elevation of fat burning, utilizing wireless communication to the human body via phototherapy.