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The Spectrum of Health with Dr. Christine Schaffner

Jul 15, 2021

Studies using modern state-of-the-art methods (such as genetic sequencing) find that people with chronic sinusitis have a different sinus microbiome than healthy people without sinusitis.

They have fewer bacterial species and an abundance of some other species.

In this Episode of Spectrum of Health, Dr. Christine Schaffner sits down with Erik Galuppo, the co-founder of Lanto Health, to discuss the sinus microbiome, chronic sinus issues, and the benefits of taking nasal probiotics to alleviate their suffering. They also discuss the future of sinus probiotics and understanding the human microbiome.

Erik Galuppo is an entrepreneur with a recent focus on health and wellness. Erik, along with his brother, Adam. grew up battling chronic sinusitis. For 25 years, the brothers experimented with all types of antibiotics, special diets, and even sinus surgery.

The Galuppo brothers took to the internet for a better solution. They came across research suggesting that a keystone bacteria called Lactobacillus sakei is found naturally in healthy sinuses and was being used experimentally for sinus issues. Lactobacillus sakei (also known as L. sakei) is also found naturally in fermented kimchi. They first concocted their formulas using kimchi from local grocery stores and were amazed by the results. Their sinuses instantly felt healthier.

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